Comment on a CNN opinion piece by some pigheaded fascist

Cui bono? To whose benefit is marijuana kept illegal? The private prison industry? Prison guards? The alleged legal system?

How disgraceful, yet typical, that “mainstream media” runs story after story decrying Proposition 19 — yet the REALITY OF THE MATTER is that marijuana is enjoyed and used responsibly by MILLIONS of US citizens. Take your boot off our throat for a change. Loosen your screws.

Government for and by the people, not fatheaded fascists with an hypocritical “War on Some Drugs” — who wants marijuana kept illegal? Big Pharma, for one, BECAUSE THEY CANNOT PATENT IT! And they’d be pleased to continue selling you Happy Pills which they CAN patent and market.

Marijuana prohibition was foolish — NO prohibition has EVER worked at ANY point in history!

And the big deal about marijuana is not its charming intoxicating effects, but the fact that it directly competes with petroleum, plastic, textile and paper products. And is superior to each in turn! God does not make mistakes. Man does. And prohibiting a veritable cornucopia of products from a single astounding plant is a major mistake!


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