2:30 Tuesday

Managed to sell the Alice in Chains tickets. I wanted to see that show. It just wasn’t going to happen this month. I’m grateful that I sold the tickets for most of what I paid for them, face value.

I bought Flynn some Coca-Cola. He’s taking the PSAT tomorrow and isn’t happy with me for having him sign up for it. Actually I bought him two twelve-packs of Coke and four of those Arizona iced teas that he likes. And a Kit Kat bar. I wouldn’t want to take a three-hour test, either.

Greatly relieved to have sold the tickets. I’ll feel even better if Diane sends a child support check and the money from my former life insurance policy arrives so that I can make a credit card payment.

Applied for yet another job this morning. Not expecting to hear anything. I’ve been applying for jobs since May and I’ve had one interview. For a part-time job.  Not good.

Considering selling the truck. Buy some smaller vehicle. The truck is huge. Which is what I like about it.

Need to set aside $330 for Cassidy to go to “sixth grade camp” — I remember being hard-pressed for money when Flynn was scheduled to go. I’d like to replace the aquarium hood, or at least buy new light fixtures, hinges and a glass shield for it and rebuild the old one, which is still ok on the outside. I want to buy Flynn some new shoes and socks whether he wants them or not.

I’m hoping that the tenant in the industrial property re-signs a lease. But they may not. Which would mean no income at all. Which would be rather excruciatingly bad.

Do I have any equity in this barn? Not a lot. Sell this place? I do not want to do that. I want to pay it off and leave it to the kids to live in or sell or whatever. Having a place to live without a fucking monthly payment would be a very good thing.

Why can I not get a fucking job interview? It’s not like I don’t have the job experience. Am I damned for being over 50?



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