Useless searching for a chicken noodle stew recipe

You know when you’re trying to find a simple recipe and what you get are sites that aggregate other URLs but have no recipes? Or are some weird Thai or Indian dish which your kids wouldn’t eat? What is up with that? Can I find a CHICKEN NOODLE STEW recipe? How hard can that be to post? And not game Google with SEO terms so that your useless spam site shows up at the top of the heap?

Where’s the useful information? All I can find is click-me marketing bullshit. Frustrating.

chicken noodle stew

Chicken noodle stew. I used meat I’d collected from a couple of chicken carcasses I had on hand, about a quart of stock (also from the chicken carcasses — waste not, want not and all that)… well, I began with three or four celery ribs, three carrots and an onion all diced fine and sauteed in some semi-decent olive oil from the local middle eastern market (where bargains are to be found), then added the cooked, chopped chicken, some garlic salt, some tumeric, a little black pepper. I mixed up about a tablespoon of arrowroot powder in half a glass of cold water and added that for body. I cooked a package of wide egg noodles (made from wide eggs?) for a little less time than the package suggested, drained and rinsed those, added the noodles and a can of cream of chicken soup (hey, I never claimed to be a gourmet, but I am a gourmand) and heated it through while Kid #1 was at his Robotics Club meeting and while I made a batch of buttermilk biscuits.

It was delicious!


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