Dodging asteroids

Every old 50s science fiction movie has a scene where the extremely roomy spaceship has to dodge some asteroids. It’s just a given, part of the formula. I feel like I’ve been doing that, and did that again this morning when I opened an envelope from the water department. I saw red ink. That didn’t seem like a good thing. It was a FINAL SHUT-OFF NOTICE. Jesus. I thought they deducted the money from my checking account, and that they’d been doing that for years and years. Apparently not. Anyway, made an online payment.

Didn’t enjoy that excitement. Need either the insurance money or a child support check to make ends meet. I have the AT&T bill and the credit card payment coming up. I’ll probably be able to get by. I don’t think the AT&T bill is due until later in the month. Wait and see.

Money remains excruciatingly tight. No word on any job yet. I was reading an article on older workers (which includes me, by this time, I guess) having an extremely hard time finding jobs. Lovely.

So that was pretty depressing. The water bill thing, I mean. Dodged another asteroid.


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