Weird weather continues. It’s actually kind of drizzling out. It was 106.5 in the shade last Monday. Weird.

All five of the books I’d listed on amazon.com sold, so I packaged them up this morning and just got back from taking them to the Post Office.

An e-mail from Jobfox arrived regarding a graphic design position @ HP, which I applied for right away. I wonder if it’s the local office? That would be ideal. A “real” job, close to home. I’d go for that one.

Ambivalent about selling the five cookbooks I’d listed. I liked those books, even if they were  a bit above my skills. I do need to scare up some extra money, however. Things are that bad.

Sent in the paperwork to cash in my life insurance. That will put a large dent in the credit card bill.

Need new health insurance. Need new life insurance. Try not to fuck things up this time.

What else? Package arrived with some gardening supplies I’d just ordered on Friday. Scary-fast delivery. And I’d requested UPS Ground, nothing special. Have to figure out how to install this thing. Maybe tomorrow.

Need to amend the garden in the near future. And decide if I want to replant the lawn. I think I’ll plant iceplant on the skinny part of the front bed and that “red apple” ground cover stuff which is STILL volunteering. It can’t be killed, might as well plant more of it out.

The jasmine out in front is looking sickly. I guess no water caught up with it. Hopefully it will come back. I like the way it grows up the corner of the garage roof.

The garage lights timer is malfunctioning. I think it got wet, there’s some kind of leak near the human-sized garage door, the door will swell and stick after a rain. Put that on the home repair list. If I ever scare up any money.

I would like to get a new aquarium hood for the big aquarium. I miss having the light there, it looked great. Make sure to USE the glass shield to protect it from humidity this time around. Idiot.

Tempted to buy some firewood. Having firewood on hand is a BIG DEAL to me. Someday it will cool off even more (today is cool) and I will want to have firewood on hand. Once the time changes in the fall and it gets dark early, I tend to freak out and want a fire in the fireplace.

Once the Winter Solstice rolls around, things get incrementally better. But those final days when the nights get longer and longer and the days end too early freak me out substantially. Having a fire in the fireplace says “home” like nothing else. A rainy day with a fire in the fireplace and a cat on my lap (Mr. B., of course) is magnificent. That is really being at home. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Making do with shitty supermarket matchstick firewood is no good. So I would like to get some real firewood. Lay in a supply, as if we had severe winters here.

2:37 now. Go get Cassidy at 2:45. Find a parking spot and wait for her.

I wonder, if I worked locally, could I take a late lunch and pick Cassidy up after school and then go back to work? That would work out well, I think.

There have been other jobs which sound exactly like my resume which I’ve heard nothing about — no word at all, no interview at all. I actually wrote to one company asking if they’d received my resume since it sounded exactly like the ad they’d run. No word at all. Discouraging and frustrating.

Placed an ad on Craigslist to sell the Alice in Chains tickets and heard back from someone, I need to try and call them later this afternoon and sell those tickets. Need the money. I actually answered an ad for a two-hour-a-week-$10-an-hour apartment cleaning ad today. You have any pets?

Need to sell Flynn’s saxophone. And consider selling the truck and finding a smaller vehicle. Why do people lease vehicles instead of buying them? Have to research that. Although that would mean another monthly payment, which I like to avoid.


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