Waiting for the mail

Checked the mail, nothing, went to buy gasoline, came back, still nothing. Parked and sat there in the heat reading for half an hour. Where, exactly, do you have to live to get mail delivered before late afternoon? Do all mail carriers have other jobs and deliver the mail part-time, after they’re done with their other jobs? I need a check in the mail to arrive, and I need to get it to the bank as soon as it does arrive, and I need that to be before the bank closes.

I’ll go check the mailbox in another half an hour. I wish we had mailboxes AT our houses here, not in a clump up the hill like some apartment building. What do you have to spend on a house to get your mail delivered TO your house?

Checked again 45 minutes later, still nothing. Where do I have to live to get the mail delivered before sundown?

Got the mail, finally. Misread the Wells Fargo page and thought the RB branch was open until six on Saturday; it was not. Deposited the check @ that ATM. Went to Petco to buy cat litter and cat food. Discovered that I’d forgotten my ATM card @ the ATM. Drove back. It was gone. Phoned to cancel it. Went to Home Depot to buy water filter salt. Went to Trader Joe’s to buy tortilla chips, milk, cream, frozen fish, wine, protein bars for Flynn and three toothbrushes. Went to Albertson’s and bought whipped cream for Cassidy (“Get whipped cream, dad!”), some sweet rolls for breakfast tomorrow, some Pop Tarts for Cassidy (never go to the market hungry), some salsa (there is only hot salsa, all else is treason), sandwich meat for Flynn’s lunches next week, some sandwich rolls, some dinner rolls, some shredded cheese, some provolone… I think that’s all. Got some cheeseburgers and fries on the way home. Didn’t feel like cooking by that point.

Got home. Listened to the second half of A Prairie Home Companion. Fed the kids. Ate. Put stuff away. Drank some wine. Relaxed after a long and frustrating shopping trip.

Good for another month, I hope.


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