Not as hot as yesterday

Which is a relief. Got nothing accomplished today, aside from waking and feeding the kids, doing some banking and marketing, washing some dishes, doing some laundry and doing a small garden project. No calls at all. Again. I’ve actually felt somewhat bored at home lately, which is very unusual.


Here we have a lovely cell-phone-camera snapshot of the stuff I brought home from the market this morning.

Orange juice concentrate, a box of granola bars which Flynn eats for breakfast no matter how much I plead, 1.5 lbs of marked-down ground beef on top of four packages of marked-down beef-lamb hamburger patties, two boxes of spiral pasta for pasta salad (Cassidy asked if I could make more), two packages of brown lunch bags, a pint of cream (Mr. B turns his nose up at whole milk and half+half), two pounds of ham for sandwiches, a pound of Swiss cheese for sandwiches, another package of Swiss cheese, a roll of parchment paper and a gallon of $5.99 Alta Dena whole milk.

Deposited a check from Diane into Flynn’s account. Moved some money into Flynn’s account when I finally dared to look at the Wells Fargo web site this morning. Also got Flynn some cash at the bank. Bought Cassidy a small trash can with a foot-pedal-operated lid at Target, which she’d asked for. Well, she asked for a trash can. The one I bought seemed pretty good. I wish it wasn’t black.

What else? Did two loads of laundry. Hung the towels and jeans on the backs of chairs to dry, now I’m finishing them off in the dryer. Freaked out about how much I’ve been running the air conditioning, especially yesterday when it was incredibly hot.

I need to cash in my life insurance and address the credit card bill, which is really high. And I need to consider getting a smaller, cheaper vehicle and selling the truck, getting some cash out of the sale, and paying off the credit card entirely.

It’s tempting to get another old VW. I kind of wish I’d kept my ’76 Campmobile. I’d put a lot of work and money into it. But I was sick of working on it. I was busy with the kids, who were much younger then. I had that ’65 bus but never got started on it, really, Cassidy was born and I just never had any time.

It’s about 2:30. Go get Cassidy, or get a parking spot, at 2:45 or so. I do not see myself going to Flynn’s back-to-school night tonight. Too hot, too crowded. I went two years ago, with Cassidy. I went last year but took one look at the crammed-full auditorium and left.

I should sell Flynn’s saxophone, too. Cassidy will sometimes play/play with her trumpet, so hold on to that until she wants to sell it.

I should get a couple of hamburger buns out of the freezer. At least one for Flynn. Cassidy and I could have salad instead of a hamburger. I’m freaked out about my weight. Having to go to the doctor about the bump on my leg (which I attempted to drain yesterday) was sobering. I don’t want to die before the kids are more or less functional on their own. Flynn is 16. Cassidy is 12. Not done cooking yet.

That’s about all the news at the moment.


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