Fighting “insurgents” in Afghanistan

If the “insurgents” are actually the people that live in Afghanistan, which we’ve invaded, couldn’t you also say that they were patriots fighting to repel the foreign invaders?

What, exactly, are we doing in Afghanistan? What achievable military objectives remain in Afghanistan?

Apparently the invasion was planned well before 9/11/01, which makes me think that a REAL 9/11 investigation, ie one with subpoena power, is in order. Too many lies and misdeeds hinge on the fairy tale that “Arab terrorists” brought down two skyscrapers with highjacked aircraft. No one in the US has ever been penalized or prosecuted for the most spectacular security failure in US history, which is somewhat telling in and of itself.

Insurgents? No, that’s not what they are. Would YOU not fight to repel foreign invaders? Did we not support these very same people when the USSR (stupidly) invaded Afghanistan?

Let’s declare victory and bring our troops home. Turning rubble into dust @ a trillion dollars a month doesn’t make much sense.


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