Made some pretzels since the pretzel salt I’d ordered arrived the other day. Kind of a hot day to crank the oven up to 450 on, but the pretzels are tasty and Cassidy was thrilled.

I need to find some decent kitchen parchment paper. The stuff I have now STICKS to everything, every time. It’s ok for separating hamburger patties but it’s not actual parchment paper.

Making the pretzels was absorbing and distracting. I have one bottle of wine left. I’ll have to cut that out and that will leave me rather sober, which is, well, a sobering thought. Kind of bummed out about that. Did some miscellaneous exercises earlier. I need to stay out of this chair. I ran across a photo of me from 1994. Pre-marriage. When I was less stressed. Much, much, much thinner.


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