Moving, moving, moving

Get up, shave, shower, dress, feed the cats (who are on the brink of death from starvation to hear them tell it), make coffee, load or unload the dishwasher, wake up Kid #1, pack Kid #1’s lunch, wake up Kid #1 again and serve him a decent cup of coffee. Clean the cat boxes, scrub the stove, start a load of laundry, retrieve glasses and plates and dishes from around the house, rinse recycling and put it on the dryer to take out to the recycling bin, wake up Kid #2, wake up Kid #2 again, wake up Kid #2 a third time, get Kid #2 dressed, feed Kid #2 breakfast, comb and brush Kid #2’s hair, get Kid #2 to brush their teeth, go check Kid #2’s toothbrush, find it to be bone dry, chase Kid #2 back into the bathroom to actually brush their teeth…

On and on. Endless activity and motion. Until I find my butt in this chair like a refrigerator magnet on steel. Immobile, getting nothing done. Ranting online about things I find to be rant-worthy. Getting myself banned from more and more web sites. Banned or “disappeared” or whatever.

Today is Friday. Hooray. Relax for a couple of days, no schedule to keep. Doing laundry today as every day, but Fridays mean I wash the kids’ bedding.

Thinking about going to a local doc-in-the-box to look at a weird spot on my leg. Like a bruise, but sensitive when I touch it. Not excited about this development.


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