Had a call from an employment agency, they wanted a couple of references. Contacted Randy Crawford, trying to get Tim Coussens’ information but Facebook is down @ the moment. Torn about returning to work. I like being at home with the kids and I’m concerned that they won’t do as well without supervision and structure.

I’m not looking forward to working eight hours with a useless lunch hour and two hours of commuting. OTOH, I may be able to pay the mortgage. Not a bad thing.

Flynn is mostly formed by this point. Cassidy likes me to sit with her while she does her homework. I’d want to ask Flynn to be there to walk her home from middle school. I’d need to have him understand that I NEED him to do that. Cassidy is still a bit on the young side to walk herself home. Although the middle school is just on the other side of the high school.

Applied to another local job, which would be part-time, literally a stone’s throw away. Hopefully I’ll hear back from that place. Preparing presentations for government contracts. Geographically desirable.

Get a haircut? Might as well. Not in a hurry to do that. I look weird enough being overweight. Don’t need any compound weirdness. Sigh.

Ambivalent. Torn. Excited yet worried.


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