Tuesday: new cat food bowls

Neat reflection from this morning of the outside world through a screen, as seen in an inverted Crock Pot lid. Lots of intersections and distortions, eddies and currents.

Following the usual morning adventures, I visited the local tentacle of Petco and bought two pricey ceramic bowls since Mr. B. (see photo) is the prime suspect in the breaking of one of the two white ceramic bowls that came with the little pet bowl stand. He (Trixie could never do this, right?) managed to knock the ironing board with clean laundry and the iron off the counter, the iron apparently striking and shattering one of the two bowls.

The Prime Suspect.

So I looked online and found these bowls, then went to Petco with a tape measure to ascertain whether or not they’d fit. Better than trying to glue the old bowl back together again.

Not in the budget, but the new bowls do look nice and more or less match the green pet bowl stand.

Monday again. Gardened on Saturday, which was satisfying if exhausting. Cleaned up the narrow bed in front, planted out the leftover vincas, planted quite a few iceplant cuttings from a cutting I’d taken from Highland Ranch some time ago. Hopefully those will take root.

Watched football and napped all day long yesterday. I was tired. It felt good to work and sweat on Saturday, to get things done, especially after having been sick. I finally felt like myself again. That was a rotten cold.

Made red beans and rice starting on Friday afternoon, picked through a pound of red beans. Soaked those overnight. Put them in the big Crock Pot with a red onion and a ham shank. Cooked them all day Saturday and reheated them on Sunday. I had two helpings with rice and Flynn ate his serving. Cassidy ate the rice and ignored the beans. Ha. Her loss.

Saturday I made lamb-burgers, a pound of lamb and a quarter-pound of ground beef from the Middle Eastern market. Went there on Friday. Cassidy turned her nose up at that, too. Friday I made kafta, a kind of prepared ground meat from the Middle Eastern market. It was tasty. Cassidy ate that without fussing, so go figure.

Saturday I got up and went to the Farmer’s Market to buy more good coffee beans from the coffee lady. Also bought a tiny 2″ succulent for a dollar. Do I have any photos of the cactus collection I built way back when, riding my bicycle to the Penguin Cafe on Saturday mornings, then stopping @ the Laguna Nursery and buying a new cheap specimen? Before the fire.

Applied to another job this morning, maybe two. Not expecting to hear anything. Oh well.

I remain about half-torn between not being here to shepherd Cassidy and desiring the income an outside job would bring in. I don’t have a lot to fall back on these days. Diane is incommunicado. I don’t think she’s ever going to pull herself out of her spin. Mom and Dad are long gone. Kelly is persona non grata in my book. Toni has agreed to administer whatever I have left to give to the kids as time goes by if I’m not on the scene.

Money is unsettled, the industrial client may leave us with an empty industrial space, meaning no income. Combine that with no employment and things do not look so good. The threat of the EPA has been around so long that you kind of take it for granted, like a volcano which you hope will remain dormant.

But life goes on. One day at  a time. One day at a time.


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