Saturday morning

That photo made it. Some other photos I’d taken DID NOT IMPORT correctly into iPhoto. Not pleased with that.

One of them was of a tray of succulents in 2″ pots at the Poway farmer’s market this morning. The cats got me up at five, fed them, was on the computer for a while, got motivated to go to Trader Joe’s and then to the farmer’s market to buy more good coffee beans. Also started the red beans I’d cleaned and left to soak last night.

Dug up a couple of volunteer crepe myrtles which had sprouted up, kind of a surprise. Thought they’d been thoroughly excavated.

Got home, made some coffee, drank some coffee, watched iPhoto fail to import a few images.

I ought to feed the kids and do some gardening while it’s still foggy out. Whole other world when it’s foggy, very agreeable. Want to amend some of the bed in front and plant the vincas that are left over from planting one of the plastic trays outside the kitchen window. Also pull weeds out in front. And maybe plant those crepe myrtle volunteers. And clean the barbecue, went to the Middle Eastern market yesterday and bought lamb and beef to make cheeseburgers later.

Good morning aside from iPhoto crapping out.

Whew, well, that was fun. Quarter after noon. Enjoyed cleaning up the narrow front bed. Sweat so much I took a quick shower and changed clothes. Planted out many growing tips of that iceplant bit I’d taken from Highland Ranch a year or three back. Hopefully they’ll take.

Between the coffee, the eggs I made for Cassidy (made extra for me) and the peanut butter toast AND the Red Bull I did ok, surprised I ran out of steam as early as I did. My knees were complaining. Didn’t complete the final yard or so of the narrow bed. Watered and called it quits. For now.

I have a tomato and a pepper plant to plant out in back when I get around to it. Planted the vincas in the kitchen planters last week. Planted out the remainder of the vincas by the marigolds which somehow managed to hold on out in front. Let the surviving marigolds there. Deadheaded those this past week. Removed some of the crepe myrtle tips, have those in a bucket for now. Think of something to do with them. Maybe plant them in the larger front bed, which is mostly empty at this point. Tore up handful after handful of that invasive chokeweed. How does that stuff grow at all? I haven’t watered that bed in over a year.

Feels good to garden. Why do I only allow myself to garden on Saturdays and some Sundays? Never have decided why that is. Feels like the right day to do it.

Felt good to get some exercise. I hope that the iceplant bits take root and grow well out there.

Drink some water and cool down now. Play Altitude.


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