Ordered some “washing soda” from the Arm & Hammer website. Also some Borax from amazon. Combine those to make dishwasher detergent, which I’m almost out of.

Child support check arrived, that’s welcome. Go deposit that.

There’s yet another new flavor of “Halo” coming out tomorrow. I asked Flynn if any of his friends were going to get it. He said “All of them” so it seems like something I ought to budget for.

Bought some lettuce, an onion and some cilantro to make chicken tacos for dinner. Bought corn tortillas @ the bread outlet place on Saturday. Bought some jack cheese the other day. The pre-shredded cheese @ the market was over eight dollars. For four cups. That’s not happening.

Waiting a bit to go to the bank and then to Gamestop to pre-order the video game.

No new jobs on craigslist, monster, careerbuilder or jobfox. Nothing under “creative gigs”. No word back from people I’d submitted work to already. Dry as a bone.

Torn about cashing in life insurance. I need to sink the credit card bill, which is eating me alive. Tempted to unload the truck. It’s too big for what we need. I like the truck. But I’d rather get something smaller. And get rid of the credit card debt.

Get some dinky car. Maybe an old aircooled Volkswagen? Tempting. But not reliable. Do I need something reliable? Not without a job to show up to, I don’t.

Two football games on later. I’ll happily watch both of them. Football is distracting.

On Saturday Flynn and I went to the bread outlet in Escondido, he drove. He’s not relaxed driving yet. He hasn’t driven much. Anyway, we bought about $25 of bread there. Put a bunch of that in the deep freeze. Cheaper than buying bread at the market.

Got home, made coffee, the kids ate doughnuts we’d bought at the bread outlet. I felt better, so I cleaned up the palm leaves I’d cut a week or two ago and filled the trash can to overflowing. Felt good to get that cleaned up. Cleaned up the ash spill by the grill in back of the house. Transplanted some vincas and some more iceplant trimmings. I’d brought home a pinched-off tip of some iceplant near the kid’s old elementary school and it’s been growing on the steps for a year or two. Or three. I was thinking about propagating it and planting it out in front, which is still quite barren.

That weeds grow out in front amazes me. Where do they find the moisture? There is no sprinker system there and it was thoroughly capped, no leaks. The hose no longer leaks. The neighbor has no  sprinkler system. How do those weeds live?

I need to eat something. I fed the kids hash browns, eggs and bacon for breakfast. Flynn had coffee. Cassidy had orange juice. Off they went to school.

Doing laundry. And a load of dishes. I made a list of things I can make for dinner the other day. Saturday I made cheeseburgers, Sunday we had leftover spaghetti sauce, chicken tacos tonight (I have a big Ziplock bag of chicken bits I harvested off four or five or six chicken carcasses I had in the deep freeze)… found some fish in the deep freeze… have mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and flour and yeast on hand to make pizza again… kid-friendly, semi-healthy dinners. Tacos sounded easy for tonight since they are two football games on.

Quarter to ten. Get ready to go to the bank and Gamestop. Need to eat a banana and get the clothes out of the dryer and the next load of clothes out of the washer. Go deposit the child support check. Go pre-order the video game for Flynn (those games are painfully expensive). Come back here. Finish laundry, unload the dishwasher.

Get some postcards stamped and mailed. Maybe actually produce some new artwork. Move in that direction, negative thoughts notwithstanding. Just do it.

Maybe plant some vincas out in front. And find someplace to plant that tomato and that pepper plant. I have some steer manure on hand to amend the soil with.

Don’t be paralyzed with fear today.

Back again. The trash was picked up, hooray. Deposited the child support check, pre-ordered Halo: Reach for Flynn. I’ll pick that up tomorrow morning.

During the summer, Starcraft II was finally released and Flynn and I went to the midnight release at Gamestop. I don’t see that happening during the school year. And I hope that Flynn was joking about calling in sick to play that game tomorrow.

It’s about quarter to eleven. Need to do some gardening. The kid’s bathroom could probably use cleaning. Keep things running. So far, so good.

Thawing a chicken in the refrigerator. Figure that will be ready to roast on Wednesday. I have some serrano chiles ready to harvest. Maybe I’ll roast those and add them to what salsa I have left. And collect some tomatoes and chop those up to put on the tacos tonight.

Glad that this cold is on its way out. That was a bad cold.


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