The NFL season began last night. Enjoyed watching the game. The Saints looked great. Brett Favre looked a little weary and worn, IMHO.

Friday morning. More weird, complicated dreams. I fall solidly asleep once the alarm sounds. When I get up to pee in the middle of the night a tide of fear rises over me. What if? What if? Try not to worry so much about it. One day at a time.

And today will include an exciting trip to the market to buy some laundry detergent which is on sale and which I have a coupon for, so woohoo, what could be better? If the market has dishwasher detergent on sale, too… that would be great.

Here we have photographic documentation of my inaugural batch of English muffins, which turned out rather well, I feel. A bit tall, but tasty. Made Flynn a breakfast sandwich with one of them. Figured out that if I put an English muffin ring in my favorite cast iron pan with some butter and add a beaten egg, then add a tablespoon or two of water and put a lid on the pan, the steam poaches the egg from above. Very nice.

So how do I get WordPress to add a margin so that the text isn’t right on the photo? I went back and added 12px to the canvas size in Photoshop to get the text to not touch the photo.

Nearly seven o’clock. I’ll go see if Flynn is about to leave. Made him yet another sandwich, packed him a little lunch. See him off.

Well, he only ate half the breakfast sandwich. So I trimmed off the other half and ate it. It was fantastic. Said goodbye. I think he mumbled goodbye back. I feel like Mom, being cheerful and I was sullen in high school — I didn’t think she had any idea what high school was like for me. Now I think that maybe she did.

Anyway, he ate something, and had a cup of coffee. Good coffee, too, I might add. With cream. Made with RO water. In a French press. Darn good coffee. From the coffee lady at the Poway farmer’s market. Beans ground fresh. He’ll have worse coffee in his life.

Cassidy doesn’t begin school until 9:15 this morning again. “Collaboration Days,” which Flynn used to have once a month at the middle school. Now they’re every Friday. So she’s still sleeping. I’ll chase her into the shower before school. Washed her hair last night, which wasn’t as much of a battle as it often is. So that was nice.

Friday. The end of a four-day week after Labor Day. Why do four-day weeks seem longer than five-day weeks?

Back from delivering Cassidy about a minute late to school and going to the market and the bank. It’s ten in the morning. Fed Cassidy another little breakfast sandwich and she ate all of hers. Those are good homemade English muffins. She dawdled, as usual, and we got to school a bit late, I think. And she forgot her ID card. So I put it on the refrigerator door with a magnet. Next to a list of things I want her to remember, like ID card, phone, backpack, shoes…

I had a coupon for detergent @ the market and they had a kind of detergent I like on sale to begin with, so I bough two 44-wash bottles of detergent and a half-gallon of Alta Dena milk (2%) and got out of there for eight dollars. Not bad. Then I deposited a ten dollar check from World’s Best Cat Litter at the ATM at the bank. You just put in the check without a deposit slip or an envelope and it prints an image of your deposited check on the receipt. Hadn’t seen that before.

A King Arthur Flour catalog in the mail and two pieces of junk mail. Threw all that out @ the mailboxes.

Been able to dodge any major disasters as far as money goes so far.

I need to motivate myself and actually redeem the life insurance policy in order to reduce the credit card bill. I had not anticipated quite this much of a reduction in money and the credit card bill is not getting reduced so far. And I’m sure the interest rate is so high that I don’t want to know what it is, exactly.

Another flush of cherry and grape tomatoes, had some with a salad last night. I think that squirrels have nailed all the globe tomatoes this year. Although I see a couple ripening on that sluggish Russian tomato plant. Maybe I’ll get those before the squirrels do.

Doing a second load of laundry. Did a 3/4 load first with jeans and one of those huge bath towels in it. Overloading the machine with jeans and towels is not good. And I cannot afford to replace or repair any of the appliances at this time.

One more load later with Flynn’s bedding. Make the beds again like I do most every Friday. Clean sheets.

Photograph and list the trumpet and the saxophone and see if I can’t sell those. Sell whatever we don’t need.

I wonder how much worse money will get? Or if it will get worse. The commercial property client could leave, which we think is what is happening now (Linda, who is the trustee, et al). That would be grim. At least they’re still paying a reduced amount on the lease at this time. In a year and change they may be gone altogether. Unsure how likely it would be to land a new tenant for that property. It would then be difficult to make the house payment.

Even the life insurance amount is not enough to sink the credit card debt. Tempted to sell the truck and buy a smaller vehicle. Use that money to completely pay off the credit card bill.

Another day, the same worries.  The fear in the daytime isn’t quite as paralyzing as it is in the middle of the night.


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