at the market

Went to the market after dropping Cassidy off. Bought a watermelon, some lettuce, some broccoli… I think that was it. Make a salad to have with dinner. Going to make some spaghetti sauce.

I need to work on that little brochure. Another non-paying job. Get that done.

Feel somewhat better today. Had a bad cough yesterday. Today I’m starting to feel better. Still sick, but not AS sick.

Kind of cloudy out this morning. Nice change.

Made Flynn and then Cassidy breakfast sandwiches with a broiled English muffin and some bacon and an egg cooked in an English muffin ring. It occurred to me to add a little water and then cover the egg while cooking. Worked very well.

What else is new? Not too much. More bumpy sleep. Uncomfortable, can’t sleep, weird complex dreams. The alarm goes off and THEN I want to sleep.

Need to clean the cat boxes. And probably start more laundry. And do the non-paying freelance work. And this, and that. On and on.


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