Hot out. Could be worse, I guess.

Had to get cleaned up and leave the house. Out of milk. Went to Home Depot (on a Sunday? At eleven o’clock? What was I thinking?) and bought a connector for the bathroom fan and a bag of potassium chloride for the water filter in the garage. Went to Trader Joe’s after that, bought some corn on the cob, some ham for sandwiches, some Swiss cheese to go with the ham, some hamburger, some milk, some light cream for coffee, some eggs, a case of Two-Buck Chuck cab, some hamburger buns, some bread and two granola-protein type bars for the kids.

Got home and unloaded that stuff. Added water to the fountain and watered the tomatoes. Feel exhausted.

Fucking cold is still with me. Nice little gift from back-to-school night.

What else? Made a simple yellow cake last night. The butter was too warm and the batter looked suspect as I put it in the pan. Sure enough, it baked in two layers, not pleasant. And the icing recipe I used sucked. So that was a waste of my time, really.

Tempted to leave the house again and go to the regular market. Buy the rest of the items on my list. Sugar, cake flour, et cetera.

I have three or four chicken carcasses from the deep freeze I want to simmer to make chicken stock with. Pick all the meat off of those, maybe make it into a chicken pot pie or chicken taco meat or something like that.

Football begins on Thursday. Thank God. Something to enjoy on television.

Difficult to enjoy anything with a cold.

Everywhere I look I see more things that need to be done. The sink is full of dishes. It always seems to be. Laundry needs to be done. I need to empty the barbecue of ashes. I need to remove more of the palm tree leaves. The trash can is full of hibiscus trimmings from this past week. This, that, the other.

I need to get Cassidy out of her room somehow. But I really don’t feel up to that battle. Let her sit there.

Discouraged that the cake didn’t turn out. Frustrating.

Out of charcoal. Was going to make cheeseburgers. Maybe I’ll make them indoors. Although I enjoy grilling. Didn’t think about buying charcoal at Home Depot earlier. Nor at Trader Joe’s.

Drinking some ice water. Hoping to feel more or less normal in a while. Gotta shake this cold. Ruins everything.

btw I made the same cake recipe Monday night and it turned out. I made certain the butter was @ 65 degrees, made the difference.


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