Roast Chicken

Delicious roast chicken from last night

Definitely have a cold. When did I last have a cold? Christmas? Cassidy and I both were sick one day and we missed her Christmas 5th grade band concert. That was the day after eating at “Islands”. Dismal food.  Plus illness. What a great experience that was.

Excavated the deep freeze. Someone called about a resume I’d sent in. He sounded like he wanted some gung-ho web guy. I passed. His web site looked dodgy. Some rah-rah seminar giver for medical professionals. Between the cold, excavating the freezer and it being ten to five on a Friday afternoon I was not too interested.

Did more laundry. Washed the sheets, made the beds, even my own.

Found another loaf of bread in the freezer. That’s handy. Counted five or six frozen chickens during the freezer expedition. They may come in handy this month, money is looking bad again.

I remember when money was not bad at all, I could buy what I wanted as far as groceries went and have money left over for savings.

If money is ever good again, I don’t see spending it easily. Today I was looking on the web how to go about growing potatoes and onions.

Going to reheat the leftover pizza I’d made the other night. Homemade pizza is better reheated, somehow. Odd. Found some cornmeal in the freezer. That would have been handy to get the pizza dough to leave the damned peel. Next time (I bought more mozzarella) I was going to make Pizza Bianca in a baking pan instead of a round pizza.

Two bottles of wine on hand. Thinking about opening one of them. Gee, at $2 a bottle, can I afford it?  Not as funny a question as I wish it was.

Need to fix the aquarium hood. Got a quote for $77 for a piece of tempered glass to fit above the aquarium. Too high. I want to remove the warped and broken veneer under the hood and lacquer it so it won’t warp further. And then figure out some way to prevent moisture from screwing the hood up again. The lights are shot. I was looking at some LED fixtures on Amazon but I don’t think they’re in the budget. I miss having the light in the aquarium.

Picked Cassidy up. She lost her other metal water bottle or had it stolen. Those were like $25 apiece. Disappointed.  I imagine she’d be happy with a plastic water bottle. I want her to drink the filtered water.

Feel tired and irritable. More than usual. I hate being sick. Can’t even think straight.

Was working on some freebie brochure for somebody. They sent me a “.pub” file — never heard of it. Had to find a site to get it converted. The brochure was set in Zapf  Chancery. Bizarre. So the images are low-resolution. The copy is mediocre. Knock that out in the immediate future. I thought the guy said it was a non-profit outfit. The prices they listed for their product make me doubt that. Oh well. Something to do.

Runny nose. Stuffy sinuses. Feel like shit. I hate being sick.


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