Put the cats in their harnesses and took them outside. They seemed excited about the idea. Watered the tomatoes and filled up the fountain. Came back in. Got the clothes out of the dryer. Laid those out flat on the couch. Laundry is endless. Are there even laundromats around here? I can’t bring any to mind. What would life be like without a washer and dryer? There aren’t even any creeks around here you could take your clothes down to and beat with a stick on a flat rock to clean them.

The tomatoes are staging a modest recovery after being decimated by what I’m guessing were squirrels. Maybe the squirrels got so fat on tomatoes that hawks could pick them off as they lay groaning in the sun, unable to move for having consumed so many tomatoes.

Took the pizza sauce off the burner and opened a can of soup. Heating that up now.

Cleaned the cat boxes. Acquiring the two cats seemed like a good thing when money was more stable. Now I’m worried about them. I have to feed them and keep their cat boxes full of litter. Basic stuff.

Should have done, should have done. Too late now. Should have remained a bachelor and just salted away every single penny I ever got my claws on. No attachments, no expenses. Too late now.

I can’t clearly remember my bachelor days. They don’t seem important. Life began when Kid #1 arrived. Everything has been about the kids ever since.

And now the kids are back in school again the house is very empty. I don’t look forward to the summer ending at all, I like having them at home.

They can eat pizza while I’m at the back-to-school night tonight. That’s the plan. I have mozzarella on hand and bought some pepperoni the other day. And I reduced a can of crushed tomatoes to pizza sauce. Added some olive oil and some Italian seasoning.

Wow, hungry all of a sudden. Need to see if the soup is hot yet. Hungry. Hungry.


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