back-to-school night

I’ve been home for an hour and I still feel shell-shocked from the deluge of information presented at Kid #2’s back-to-school night. The $315 for “sixth grade camp” was something of a surprise, also. I don’t remember it being so expensive when Kid #1 was in sixth grade. Money was not as tight back then.

I understand they literally cram food down the throats of geese to produce goose liver pate and that’s the feeling I got hearing in class after class how much information is crammed into the brains of the students. I wanted to lay down and cry after the four class. The English or “Language Arts” teacher seemed to draw one breath at the beginning of her fifteen minutes and then talk without stopping, all on that one breath. All in a shrill bird-like English teacher voice.

I should have had Kid #2 twenty years earlier when I had a lot more stamina. At this point the whole idea seems exhausting. I was surprised at how old and ugly the other parents were. Everybody with a kid in middle school is on the back nine of their life, it seems like. I don’t mean to make it sound like I look any different than they looked.

Kid #2 managed to lose her expensive, nice blue metal water bottle today at school. I asked her about a lost and found at school and of course she had no idea about anything like that. Maybe I’ll call the office tomorrow and ask about it. Just another minor headache.

Drinking ice water and feeling my brain throb, sitting here. And after three years of middle school, Kid #2 goes on to high school for another four years of brain-cramming goodness. It’s all a lot to grasp at once. One day at a time, then.


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